5 Steps of Registering Wills in Abu Dhabi

There are simple steps to be taken before registering with the process of writing will in Abu Dhabi as you need to understand more about the process and certain laws related to the UAE.
There are basically two types of will such as a single will and a mirror will. A single will is prepared to keep a single, married or divorced person in mind while a mirror will is prepared to keep the children and the married couples in mind.
There are many benefits of writing expat wills, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are one of the most popular cities where expats usually hire the services of legal experts to help them understand more about the specific requirements related to the making of a will and also prepare an online will for more convenience.
That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 steps of registering wills in Abu Dhabi to provide easy information about the process.

  1. Fill your online form
    Fill out a quick and easy form by selecting the type of the will. The form requires all the information that is needed to create your wills in Abu Dhabi. So it’s essential that you gather all the information first and then decide on the type of will you need.
  2. Wait for the Draft
    After filling and submitting a form, you’ll be asked to wait for 3-4 working days so that a draft of your will could be sent to you. After receiving the draft, review it carefully to make any changes or ask for any amendments before confirming it.
  3. Translation of the Will
    Once the draft has been approved, it will be translated in Arabic as per the UAE laws. Make sure that you hire the right online services for that so your will doesn’t have any errors.
  4. Approval from the Wills Registry
    After the will has been translated, it will be submitted to the Abu Dhabi Wills Registry that will approve your will in a specific period of 1-3 days. During the approval process, you’ll be required to submit a registration fee that you could easily submit through the online services.
  5. Delivery and Registration of your Will
    After the approval, your printed will might be delivered to you and you will be contacted for an appointment soon. You will be required to sign your will at the Abu Dhabi Wills Registry to get it registered immediately. Congratulations, on registering your will successfully.
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